Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

About Wood Fuel

People have always burned wood for fuel and our discovery of how to make fire, for the purpose of burning wood, is regarded as one of human kind’s most important advances.

Small and medium scale wood heat biomass boilers are an important part of the UK’s renewable energy supply. It is a sustainable, low carbon, source of energy that is produced from managed woods, where felled trees are replanted. If the UK Government is to reach its stretching carbon reduction targets, then wood fuel heating will need to play a key role in both new build and retrofit schemes.  

Wood fuel can be produced from thinnings taken from woodlands and forests, tree surgery or sawmill waste, specifically grown short rotation coppice crops and clean recycled wood recovered from waste.

Modern day wood fuel heating combines the ancient practice of burning wood with the very latest technology to create clean, automated way of warming our buildings. 

There are lots of decisions to make in moving over to biomass and this is where our biomass consultancy service can really help you. We have decades of experience with wood fuel systems and we visit hundreds of different customers a month, our advice is based on real-world experience of operating boilers day to day. We can also offer both wood chip and wood pellet delivery anywhere in the country.