Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

Quality Standards

Quality is the heart of the Forest Fuels business, and we invest heavily in equipment, infrastructure and systems to ensure the quality standards remain high.

Forest Fuels depots are independently certified as supplying Woodsure Quality Assured wood fuel.

The English Wood Fuels depots were amongst the first in the country to be certified by HETAS, the forerunner to Woodsure Plus

All fuel supplied complies with CEN/TS 14961:2005 (Solid Biofuels – Fuel specifications and classes).

Particle distribution and moisture analysis of woodchip is carried out continuously in-house and forms an integral element of most of our supply contracts. We have the capability to test moisture content and chip particle size and can arrange testing of calorific value and chemical analysis of all types of wood fuel. Such tests are used for quality control, contract delivery, research and dispute mitigation. Advice and guidance accompanies this testing service.