Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

Wood Fuel Contracts

Buying wood fuel from Forest Fuels is easy. Our friendly & experienced team are on hand to advise whenever you need some help.

Customers place their orders with the Operations Team in head office. Often we set up a routine delivery schedule to customers taking very frequent deliveries, so there is no need to order every single load.

Customers who have a Fuel Supply Contract with Forest Fuels will also get to know the local Operations Manager who will be the point of contact for technical queries or any problems. All of our solutions are bespoke, and designed to be what will work for the customer.

There are various different ways of buying from Forest Fuels.

Commissioning loads

Forest Fuels is used to working with boiler installers to supply a commissioning load of fuel when the boiler is installed. We understand the need to fit in with the progress of the installation job, and the fact we may be delivering to a building site. Please ring us for advice and a price.

Spot supply

Call us for a price and we will give you a quote and organise delivery. However buying in this way doesn’t give a customer much security of wood fuel supplies – although we will do our best, without a contract we can’t guarantee to be able to supply you.

Secure contracts

This is the way that most of our customers buy wood chip and wood pellet. A fuel supply contract with Forest Fuels means that we guarantee to have sufficient stock to be able to supply you with the wood fuel that you need. For wood chip, this means we are buying timber around 12 months in advance, to enable it to dry/season before processing into Premium Grade wood chip.

In particularly cold spells, having this security of supply can be critical for a customer - not only to ensure that the price of the fuel doesn’t rise due to the supply & demand dynamic, but sometimes simply to ensure that the fuel is available at all.

A long term contract provides the opportunity for planning and has the benefit of ensuring a secure supply at the most advantageous price.

Ways of buying

Wood chip can be supplied by the kWh, cubic metre or tonne, and wood pellet by kWh or tonne.

Level sensing

Forest Fuels has a number of different level sensing solutions, which enable us to remotely monitor the fuel level in a fuel store and time top-up deliveries accordingly. Call us for more details.