Forest Fuels are located in the Midlands

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Forrest fuels wood pellets with logs and leaves


Depots in Corby, Melton Mowbray and Chelmsford


Regional Office at Melton Mowbray

Our operation in the Midlands has grown from English Wood Fuels.  English Wood Fuels Ltd was established in May 2008 and principally supplies fuel in the form of dry woodchip and wood pellets. It was created to meet the wood fuel demand developed by Rural Energy Ltd and the producer group East Midlands Wood Fuels Ltd. English Wood Fuels and Forest Fuels joined forces in early 2012.

We purchase timber from woodland management companies, harvesting contractors, sawmills and the Forestry Commission. In addition to being sourced locally, the wood fuel we supply is stockpiled at depots that are generally within 30 miles of a customer’s installation, and much closer where possible. This ensures that CO2 emissions from transport and delivery costs are kept to a minimum.

We currently use 4 key depots for the production of wood chip material and the storage of wood pellets. They have been established to cover the central part of the East Midlands and East Anglia. The requirement for additional depot locations is constantly re-assessed and the network and supply capability enlarged as necessary.

We are the preferred bulk distributer in the East of England of brites wood pellets manufactured by Balcas, the UK’s largest producer of virgin material premium quality pellets. brites are made from wood residue produced as a by-product of the saw milling process. The original timber is either spruce or pine from managed forests.

We have the storage capacity to stockpile over 1000 tonnes of pellets in purpose built sheds compartmentalized for product segregation. All pellets are screened both at the point of production and at the point of loading onto the delivery vehicles or bulk tippers.

Bulk delivery of 6mm pellets is carried out by purpose built pneumatic lorries operated by us.

We also supply 10kg bagged brites pellets.

Wood fuel Quality

All fuel supplied complies with CEN/TS 14961:2005 (Solid Biofuels – Fuel specifications and classes).

Particle distribution and moisture analysis of woodchip is carried out continuously in-house and forms an integral element of most of our supply contracts. We have the capability to test moisture content and chip particle size and can arrange testing of calorific value and chemical analysis of all types of wood fuel. Such tests are used for quality control, contract delivery, research and dispute mitigation. Advice and guidance accompanies this testing service.


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