Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

Closed loop wood fuel supply – use of your own timber

Using one’s own timber to supply a wood fuel boiler provides a closed-loop and gives unparalleled fuel security for the future. However being 100% reliant on this can be difficult, for example leading to over-thinning of woodlands because there is an imperative to produce enough wood fuel in a particular year.

Forest Fuels can work with clients to design a bespoke self-supply system that uses their own timber as much as possible but de-couples woodland management from wood chip supply. One way of doing this is to enter a wood fuel supply contract and so have security of wood fuel supply, but for the fuel supplier to use the estate’s own timber as feedstock. This means that in years when woodland management produces enough material the boiler is 100% self-supplied, and in years where – for good woodland management reasons – production of timber is lower, the woodfuel supplier makes up the shortfall with timber from other sources. This avoids poor woodland management decisions being made because fuel is needed for heating, or quality timber being chipped for fuel rather than sold to higher value markets. It also means the client has the support of an experienced wood fuel supplier who has probably come across and solved most of the problems before.

All of our solutions are bespoke, and designed to suit the specific circumstances and constraints.